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These solutions focused single purpose of saving human lives and especially the lives of the most precious thing in infants and toddlers, a series of products Guardian Angel are embedded systems and smart running automatically, these systems are manufactured using modern technologies and advanced methods of image processing in real time signal processing in real time, developed an institution Technion in Haifa

Children injuries and fatalities due to heatstroke, after being left in a locked car, is a well known and heart breaking problem. (see here).

A smart system that identifies a baby or child left in a locked car and provides alerts and alarms to the child guardians and to the emergency agencies. 

The system analyses the conditions in the vehicle after it is turned off and locked.  

after alocked child is detected, the system alerts the child guardians and the emergency agencies. the system can be connected to the car systems, in order to open the windows and operate the horn.

A smart system that identifies the baby's cry, analyze it, and, based on machine learning can recognize the desires of the baby expressed by crying. 

The system also identifies the characteristics of syndromes such as colic and reflux syndrome, both of these syndromes can lead to cases of SIDS.

The system analyzes the frequency, the characterisics, and the tone of the baby's crying and weeping, and provides smart notifications to the parents or to the baby's guardians.

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