Company profile:

Intelligent Smart Ideas creates technological solutions for life endangering incidents with an innovative approach and powerful design.

iSafeCross - this "guardian angel" system identifies hazardous situations around crosswalks in areas of joint movement of people and vehicles.  The iSafeCross system creates local – audible and visible alerts. It also communicates on V2X networks to send notifications toward adjacent smart car systems and updates the smart infrastructure backbone.

system and product: 

The iSafeCross system includes an imaging device for the crosswalk surrounding, a software system of advanced algorithms: computer vision, deep image and movement analysis, adapting knowledge base that enable the system to identify hazardous situations in advance.

A control-communication module that triggers audible and visible alarms and distribute V2X alerts and maintain the system intergrity and operational requirements.

 Other products in pipe: smart identification of incapable (drunk, ill) drivers, preventing forgotten kids in locked cars, and more.

 We are creating actual working systems that will be part of the V2X infrastructure.


Our solutions replace dumb infrastructure with smart systems and integrate into the smart infrastructure backbone.

Smart infrastructure can save lives and generate financial gains.

The V2X-backbone can use the smart infrastructure to improve road management and maintenance.

Intelligent Smart Ideas wants to take major part in this exciting new development.